from Rishtan

offered by our ceramics store has a centuries-old, colorful and, above all, continuous history. Its production has strict rules. Each master enriches it with the secrets of pottery art known only to himself. Some masters make pottery as early as the seventh or eighth generation.

Our pottery store offers dishes that are handmade from the very beginning. From kneading clay, shaping on a wheel to painting. The colors of the paints are obtained from the flowers that grow on the rustic mountain slopes.

What is characteristic of Rishtan pottery is very thin vessels and a unique sound that comes out when you snap your fingers at it.

A wide range of products(teapots, mugs, kettles, sugar bowls, bowls and plates) allows you to create a unique set. It will prove ideal for larger or intimate gatherings, at breakfast, lunch or dessert. The heart of each set is a large plate (28-43 cm in diameter) called a lagan. Why you can read about it here .



and unique

The ceramics we present were made by 30 craftsmen. How tedious and hard the work is is evidenced by the fact that it took them 5 months to create over 3000 vessels. We have selected the assortment to bring you as close as possible to the ceramics of that region of the world. We have short series and we guarantee that each product is unique, one of a kind, because we do not have two identical dishes.

We believe that the Rishtan ceramics with its originality will allow you to move to the „Tales of a Thousand and One Nights”. Imagine that most of the palaces in that area were decorated with tiles made by masters from Rishtan. Today, when the tooth of time makes one of them fall away after hundreds of years, another master recreates it, thus protecting the cultural heritage of that region.




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